Staging a home has become much more important since the real estate market has slowed and the number of choices are far greater for the buyer. Staging can provide the best return by getting your home ready for a greater span of potential buyer’s. The key to a faster sale is to make your house pleasantly stand out from it’s competition.

The job as a stager is to accentuate the positive attributes of your home. We look at your home in a different way that you do. We can usually give your house a “face-lift” for a modest price, we can rearrange furniture in your home, add or remove accessories and suggest the fixes that will provide major impact.

Real estate staging is very important for empty homes. You may believe that showing your home empty will allow the buyer to picture their furniture in your home. However, it is proven to be much better to furnish the home with your own or tasteful rental pieces that define each room’s purpose.