Ever pick a paint sample from a small chip, bring it home and put it on the walls to discover it just does not work?? Over 40% of all paint sales are due to the wrong color choice the first time. We have received panic calls from people who already have the painter there, a dozen colors on the wall and still can’t get it right. Color is tricky, when you are looking at it under florescent lighting, or next to other colors that are not in your home, it will not come off the same.

Jacque is a interior designer who also has a background in art and ‘knows’ color, in fact, she is kind-heartedly called the “Queen of Color” by clients and paint contractors. Jacque does feel color needs to be ‘right’ for it to really work and knows when to tell the paint store to add a drop of red, or green, or whatever is needed to get the color perfect. Most people know some thing’s wrong but don’t know what to do to get it right.

So, even when wanting all white walls — you may have discovered there are a million whites out there. Or, if you are wanting to add some warmth or fun with color, there are even more confusing choices for you. Call Jacque, she can help you save trips to the make store.