Kitchens have come back to being the hub of the home, the family’s favorite space not only for food preparation but also for conversation and laughter. Great memories are made there, and let’s face it …. it seems much of our time ‘when we are home’ center there. A well designed kitchen makes it function well for both the preparation and for the joy of being there. It is such an important room that it is one of Jacque’s favorites to design.

Today’s kitchen is a reflection of our lifestyle. Kitchens should be well designed for function, for versatility of use, and for beauty. All appropriately selected elements need to communicate function and aesthetic brilliance. They can help make the ‘chores’ of life become of ‘joys’ of life.

Kitchens are the most complex and challenging rooms in the home. With the vast array of products available for today’s kitchen it is quite an overwhelming project for most home owners. Kitchens are also the most expensive (and the best investment) room of the home, it is a place you would not want to make mistakes as they can be quite costly mistakes. A good designer knows what is available, what will fit architecturally, what will fit for your personality and lifestyle and avoid those costly mistakes.  They can take the same budget for a kitchen and take it from average to extraordinary.

Jacque can help take your dreams, with respect for your budget, and guide you with all appropriate selections to create a innovative culinary space for you to enjoy working in, enjoy creating family memories in, and enjoy entertaining in with pleasure, comfort and ease.