WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: n. the re-arrangement of parts, details, configurations, etc. as to produce a complete and artistic unit. V. to plan and carry out an aesthetically pleasing arrangement in a skillful way.

Do you have a room that is stuck in another era? We can help update it. Or, have you bought furniture, art work, and/or accessories that you love but don’t know what to do with them? We can help put it all together.

Just show us the things you have already purchased and we will suggest the things that will make them all fit together. For instance, you may just need to paint an accent wall or bring in pillows or window treatments that will pull it all together. There are many times when just tweaking the arrangement of what you already have can make all the difference in the world and nothing at all needs to be purchased. Or you may just have a couple gaps, I can shop around and/or special order the items that fill in the those gaps and make your project finally be the look you were after. Or, I can give you the ideas to try to carry the project out for yourself. It is up to you!!

I can help you transform your current home into an environment that speaks to you. From the very start of the project you’ll feel a greater sense of calmness in your life and can look forward to “loving to come home”.


• you are tired of looking at the same furniture in the same place
• you purchased a new home and need to make your old furniture fit
• recently married and are trying to make “yours”, “mine” and “ours” work beautifully together
• you are now empty-nester’s and need to have spaces with new meanings
• you are tired of looking at white walls but don’t know where to start
• you would like a fresh, new look without spending thousands of dollars